This time I’m not going to bring up a subject of marketing and my magical techniques that will help you stand out from the crowd in a start-up world. To be fair, I haven’t done anything spectacular in the last couple of weeks. Why? Read on and I you will find out my secrets.

It’s all just because… I have been working on the biggest project I’ve ever started. LIFE. I will be completely honest with you – I’m a master of starting things all over again, from scratch.  I fall down on my knees, and then, I had to stand up and face the obstacles…

I ended up my old life. I quit my job and all my projects. I’ve finished a long-term relationship. I didn’t work since June (maybe a couple of hours, lol). I saved some money and I’ve been traveling and doing some yolo stuff. I came back from Spain to Poland to spend holidays there. I met new people, discovered new breathtaking places that I’ve never seen in my native country. I read countless amount of books on personal development, psychology, life, and many more. I changed my image completely. I dyed my hair and I’m a blonde now. Since now you can call me an Angel. Angel 2.0.

I finished some toxic relationships that dragged me down. I found answers on two millions questions that I found necessary to ask myself. Deep inside me I’ve encountered my inner child who is remarkably curious about the world. I went to a therapist who helped me to deal with my past and my inward fears that used to block me as fuck.

So, why YOLO project? As you may probably know it’s my life’s philosophy that helps me to become BETTER and HAPPIER. After all those strange things that took place in my life recently I decided to start to LIVE. Live a life of immersion. I’ve tried to solve “old problems”, started to breathe and infect others with my positive, yolo energy. With double strength ;).

If you consider your life as a one big project it would be helpful to try to live in a more creative, interesting way. This article is based on my experience, thoughts, knowledge and self-talk. Those things helped me become free. Footloose and fancy-free I would even say! So, I divided my life into 3 main fractions… And here’s what I figured out:


👨‍👩‍👧 FAMILY 👨‍👩‍👧

⚡️Everything in your life starts from your beloved. The reason of all your problems are things that didn’t work out in the past. For instance: my parents used to work a lot. That’s why I don’t have many good memories with them… We didn’t have a chance to spend quality time together that would consist of playing, laughing, and doing all of these awesome things families in TV advertisements always do that make them all feel constantly happy. What I remember is just tension and frustration. Because of this, I always had low self-esteem and bitter feeling of not being important for anybody. So, when I grew up I had to deal with it and overcome it on my own, without any help. It’s a long-lasting task to learn how to treat yourself well. However, believe me, the effect is worth all this toil. It’s priceless when you become a happy and self-confident person. You were born to serve others, to make this world better, but if you are not pleased with yourself you can’t really have a good impact on the world and people around you.

⚡️Learn how to forgive. Your beloved did their best to help you grow as a human being. Probably, they just didn’t have values, beliefs, or patterns that would be good enough for you. Think about your grandparents. Did they have lovely, easy childhoods? Probably not. It’s very tough to change completely the practices or habits that were ruling in the family for many years. Deal with it and try to look at these matters from different perspective. Try to be “beyond it”.

⚡️Externalize your emotions and feelings. Be honest and say out loud that you have some childish fears. It will help you to solve many problems that you have in the back of your mind. It’s not a shame to admit that somewhere there you still are a small, lost child. We all are!

⚡️Working on your relationship with parents will also help you build stronger connections and relationships with people. We are not aware of how much family problems block us in other fields of life.

Finally, after 21 years of living on this world, my parents and I became best friends. We solved almost all our family difficulties and we’ve started all over again. Now, every single day we are trying to become better versions of ourselves.


I started my freelance work when I was 16. It’s been almost 5 years now, which is pretty much time as for a 21 y/o girl, huh? During last couple of months I learned as many things as possible. Because of some unpleasant situations, lies that are so common in business and other creepy accidents I am smarter now. In fact, I’m grateful for everything that happened to me. It helped me to become stronger. From now on I have an ass made of steel. Read on my entrepreneurial lessons.

⚡️I’m much more aware of my skills and inner talents. I realized that I’m capable to make more money. I constantly develop myself as a person and as an expert in my field. I’m trying not to lower my value. We usually have a tendency to do so and that is an absurd.

⚡️I learned that I don’t have to work with people I don’t like and I don’t want to work with. Sometimes it’s better not to make money, just to avoid frustrations, stress and toxic situations. Selection of clients was the best thing I recently did.

⚡️I started to value my work so I charge much more for my services. Thanks to that I lost clients who usually don’t have money. Interesting fact – they are more demanding (in a negative way, because you all know that I love challenges) and ALWAYS dissatisfied. Despite of the fact that I usually provide more value than I should have to. I used to work for free and I had been doing more than I should (sic!). It’s a trap. Don’t do it.

⚡️Premium clients are better. They have their own business experiences. They went through many difficult situations and they are usually more OPEN for change. They know that good job and expertise costs. They are more likely to pay more for your work. You should seek to have good relationships with people you work with, you will be much happier in your business and in everyday life.

⚡️I learned how to respect myself and my work. I learned how to say “NO”. It’s crucial and important lesson for every entrepreneur. People usually say more “YES” even if they know that some things are bad for them. I learned to fight for my beliefs and my opinions. I became a wild lion that shows the claws and teeth when needed.

⚡️Work is important, but I learned how not to lose myself in it. Family, friends and real, everyday interactions with people are much more valuable. I have no idea how I could forget about it. We, people are getting lost in a virtual life… THIS IS MORE THAN FUCKED UP. WAKE UP GUYS. And yes, it is me who’s saying it – a Marketing Specialist and a person who is constantly online. There was a time when I’d been lost… and that was a period when I saw only darkness and emptiness. Deafening silence… We live in an amazing age –  but at the same time – the worst one EVER. I feel sorry about all those kids that don’t know the world without the Internet, iPhones and technology in general. Thank God I was born in 90s.


A sense of belonging to certain community or a group is essential in case of social life. But honestly? Fuck it. Create your own group, lol. We do care about other people’s opinion but we don’t care about the things we want and believe in. I found this quote recently and I absolutely identify with it.

Don’t be afraid to stand in defense of your rights and beliefs. Even if it means that you’re gonna stand alone.

We might be dead by tomorrow and we are still worried about things that don’t really matter in the long run. This is a real pathology. So what did I learn concerning this section here?

⚡️I stopped trying to impress others. Because of the fact that I was really undervalued I used to do things just to impress others. That was ridiculous. When I realized it I stopped doing so immediately. I don’t have to prove that I’m good enough to be noticed. Neither do you.

⚡️I learned how to analyze people and situations. I try not to be a part of toxic community. I’m not spending time with people that pretend to like me. My intuition works perfectly for me. I know where is the exact line, and when not to cross the border. I’m not there for everyone, none of us should.

⚡️In general, people don’t give a shit about you. No matter if it’s a virtual life (social media) or a real one. Don’t take people for granted and you will be happier.

⚡️There are only FEW people who truly care about you. Keep those angels close to you and be the best version of yourself for them (and obviously also for your own good). Why? Cause they will stand by your side through thick and thin, FOREVER. Here I’d like to mention few of my personal angels. I have no idea what would happen if I didn’t have you in my life guys. Thanks for letting me be myself.

Special thanks to:
Laura, Paulina, Jose, Jose, Jordi (los mejores companeros del mundo, mi mafia valenciana). Izi, Materczi, Kokosiński, Kacper, Oscar, Magda, Konrad, Monika & Bartek Quesito and their kids (you don’t know how much I love you guys!), Ania with family, Milena aka Irena, Alexandra, Monika Serafin, Piotr D, Andrzej, Jose Mendiola, Dylan x2, Dave, Molka, Kasia, Grzesiek, Agacia <3 and, last but not least, my parents.

⚡️Authorities don’t work. I only believe in my mom.

⚡️I learned how to “throw away” energy vampires from my life. I don’t want to sacrifice my positive and yolo energy to people that don’t deserve it. Relationships should be like synergy. Remember, you also should take advantage of it, not only the other person.

⚡️You learn from every single person you meet in your life. Even if you experience something horrible, try to turn it into something positive. After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

With all of those strange experiences in my life sometimes I feel like a 32 year old. I have a note on my desk, straight in front of me that says: “You are 21! Calm down, you have the whole life in front of you.” It’s easy to get lost if you have chosen this “adult” path in your early life (when in fact you should have only teenage issues). Sometimes it’s difficult, but I wouldn’t change it for anything else. I love my life, despite of the fact that it is like a never ending roller-coaster.

Sometimes I’m having such thoughts in my mind: If I’ve experienced so many things and I try to deal with them, accept as they are, what will the future bring to me when I’m older? I’m excited about it even if I’m usually LOST and FOUND. It’s absolutely fine. Life is great! We should do our best to make it memorable, unique, positive and good in every single aspect. Remember that LIFE IS ALL ABOUT YOLO (You Only Live Once) and in the end you actually have nothing to lose…

You are a wizard of your own destiny. Go and take whatever you want from your life. Will you take up a challenge and start your own YOLO project?

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