2017 was definitely a year of the books for me. I read around 30 books on marketing, business, psychology, history, detective fiction and many more. That’s why I decided to share with you my best of the best book suggestions that you might find interesting. I’m sure that this list with the 10 best books I read will help you take your business and life to the next level.

But… before you start to read my list, I’d like you to comment below and share with me some book titles that you recommend. I can’t wait to discover new interesting positions!

Probably the best book I have ever read in my life. It reminded me about all the obstacles that I had to overcome in my life. It made me realize that if we don’t fail we don’t succeed. Holiday will give you some ideas and an insight on how to deal with “OMFG moments” when you’re trying to make your way through tough times. The book is based on real stories, ancient heroes, influential politicians and people who changed the world. I think this book should be obligatory for every teenager.

Thanks to this book I learned something very valuable. Now, when I have a bad day I automatically start getting… excited. Yes, it sounds really strange but… I always tell myself: “OK, that sucks as hell, but what can I learn from it? Let’s see and experiment!”. Then everything’s easier.

I read this book in an amount of time that’s needed to drink one cup of coffee. Indeed, this book is super short, so but beautifully designed that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it. In the future I will buy a physical version of the book as well. Kleon made me realize that everyone is constantly stealing ideas from other people, but… the thing is that each of us is different, so even if we “steal” something from someone, in fact, it’s not stolen. Why? Because we usually add something special from our own experiences and out of this “stolen” idea emerges something different, a whole new version. Moreover, Kleon provides a lot of tips on how to become more creative, how to stimulate your mind and set the goals and how to prepare your workplace. He also convinced me to start a logbook. You can read about the idea here.

I’ve just started to read his second book called Show your work . I highly recommend you that book as well, because, so far, it’s as great as the previous one.

Narratologia (available only in Polish). It’s the only physical book I read this year. Why? Because the author convinced me to do so by saying that the real experience with a book will be amazing. And well, that actually happened to be true. The structure of the book, pages and design is absolutely minimalistic and that’s why you can read the book at one sitting. Ads, TV shows, books and movies –  they all sell so well because they affect our emotions in a way we are not fully aware that we’ve been “fooled”. Tkaczyk unleashes techniques, ideas and puzzles on how to create memorable stories that can move hearts. That’s one of these storytelling books that you definitely should read!

One of the best-selling self-help book of all time, a must-read option for everyone. We all struggle with making strong relations with other people. This guidebook will help you with making a good first impression, and with understanding human behavior and people’s psychological needs better. It also contains tricks and techniques that you can implement into your life straight away. How to Win Friends offers a lot of solid advice for people who deal with business relationships or do a lot of public speaking. I re-read this book every single year :).

REWORK – New York Times bestselling book about business written by creators of Basecamp. The book will explain you why you actually don’t need funding to get started with your idea. It’s a short read book that contains lots of pictures, so you can finish most of it over lunch. REWORK shows how limitations sometimes might become main source of growth. Jason and David offer their perspective on business – a perspective that can change not only your attitude, but everything you do in your own business.

Ryan Holiday is one of my marketing guru. I feel super connected with him because he started his marketing journey when he was a teenager (so did I). That also means that we were struggling with similar problems in our lives. Anyway, the book gives an explanation of what “growth hacking” means. It will provide you an insight and a lot of examples of the best growth hacks from top startups and companies all around the world. I read the book 3 years ago, but I wanted to re-read it again. Must-read for those who are going to start a company soon.

A book written by a psychotherapist, psychodramatist from Argentina. Whole plot of the book is based on a talk between a patient and a psychotherapist who helps the patient with solving his life and existential problems. Each chapter contains a conversation and a fairytale with a moral in the end. Therefore, you can easily go back to a magical and childish world. A great example of how telling stories can change our lives. I had a chance to read a couple of books written by Bucay and he never lets me down.

Tools of Titans debuted at #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list in 2016. To be honest I didn’t read the whole book because it has more than 600 pages, but the structure of the book lets you choose what you find the most interesting in it. It contains a set of tactics, routines, and habits of billionaires, icons, and world-class performers. This book is for those, who like to learn from someone else’s mistakes, and experiences.

Inspired by “Lie To Me” TV series I jumped into the body language world. That could be really helpful for those who work closely with people in sales and negotiation. But no matter what your profession is, it’s important to understand human behaviour. The things I learnt from the book already saved me when I found myself in some strange situations. In this book you can find a lot of pictures of gestures and explanations of them based on historical and political events with authentical photos. So, if you are a type of visualizer, this option will suit you.

Collection of mini tasks to do and exercises for creative thinkers. Contains a lot of photos, designs, illustrations, typography, puzzles. An amazing option to relax and to find some inspiration.