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Business without a strategy is like walking without knowing what’s the direction. In the long run, it will not help you achieve big results and profits.
  • Business & marketing audit
  • Competitors research, market, and business analysis
  • Insights and ideas on how to help you stand out in the crowd
  • Actionable strategy based on the research and data
  • Workshops to help you effectively implement it
Let’s skyrocket your business!


Every great product needs a great product launch. It’s a key moment that requires a pre-planned strategy, creative activities to bring attention to/of the whole universe. Let’s make your product launch unique and successful.
  • Pre - planned, actionable strategy with steps -to-do
  • Helping in content creation, designing assets and promotional materials
  • Creative communication & PR Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Product Hunt Campaign and overall promotion on the targeted platforms
Let’s skyrocket your business!
See the magic in action
🦖 Życiowy mandżur i yolo!
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Bój się i rób czyli moja YOLO firma
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Looking for someone who can support you in terms of content creation? You’ve just found the right wizard to make the magic happen!
  • Blog posts, interviews, expert’s articles
  • Website, landing copywriting
  • Creative emails & distribution
  • Photos and videos for social media
  • Sketchnotes, brochures, promotional materials
Let’s skyrocket your business!
See the magic in action
🦖 Życiowy mandżur i yolo!
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Bój się i rób czyli moja YOLO firma
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Finding the right customers might be a challenge. Let’s focus on getting awesome potential clients who will help you skyrocket your business.
  • Research & strategy to attract your targeted clients
  • Content creation & promotion
  • Paid campaigns
  • PR, outreach & media relations
  • Webinars promotion
Let’s grow your customer base!


What my clients say about our #yolocooperation?

“Angelique was an instrumental part of the creation and launch of SpareDesk and HackerMetricks. Her commitment and attention to every detail amounted to an incredibly successful launch. If you are looking for someone to treat your product / business as their own, think outside of the box at every possible opportunity and create a magic around your product that you didn't know existed, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Angie.”

Dylan Buckley

Founder SpareDesk, HackerMetrics, DirectlyApply

“Angelique brings bright light at any project. Impressed me with knowledge, mature conclusions and sharp thinking. Don't get fooled by her gentle smile and young age ;) She's hard working, self motivated leader, ready to put energy and time to finish, what she believes was worth starting. And she's just warming up!”

Michael Beast

CEO Personal Branding Star

“Always solidly and with a flourish. Excellent ability to navigate the unknown waters of tech marketing and PR. Above-average efficiency. I recommend Angéligue - a growth hacker of flesh and blood :)”.

Paweł Gębuś

CEO Resqmobile

“We worked with Angelique on several breakthrough brand growth projects both on and offline, as well as an in-depth market research study. Angelique is an experienced marketer, super creative and forward thinking, tackles projects head on and adds superb value to any team she is on with disruptive ideas, great energy and thought out insights.”

Lukasz Rychlicki

CEO Alba Thyment
Let’s create some magic together!
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