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In this article I’d like to show you how to find people that might be potentially interested in your product. What’s more, I will show you exactly how to find out if your product will fit the market. Let’s get started!

First: realize that nobody cares about your product

Well, you probably wanted me to start with something inspirational, but as always I prefer to be completely honest. Nobody cares about the things you do, unless you will show that you care more about what other people do. Show your genuine interest in them, be friendly and honest. Solve someone’s problem or solve someone’s fear or frustration. This is the first step and the mindset you should carefully and comprehensively understand before moving forward.

OK, but how to test your idea?

Let’s say that you already have a beautiful landing page and a usable product. Here comes the time to ask people if they like the idea and what’s the most important: if they are going to pay for it.

Create a list of questions that could help you understand your clients and their needs.
Ask people how much they would pay for your product? If they don’t want to pay, ask them what you should include in order for them to pay for a service like this. Such analysis will help you set a price tag or a business model for your company. Should it be a SaaS model, or maybe a one-time payment*?
You can also create a list of the product’s mottos or visions— just to find out what your future customer values the most and identifies with. See how we did it with Polydust, click.

NOTE*: We launched an app (Proud) with the one-time payment business model. We couldn’t scale our business with Proud. After a couple of months a customer acquisition was far more expensive than the actual cost of the app. With Polydust we don’t want to make the same mistake.

What tools should you use

To make it happen you can use some existing tools. In Polydust we used Lastform, because it’s a little cheaper version of TypeForm and actually both look pretty similar. The thing is that even if you create such form you have to gather the answers. It’s actually very tricky so you have to come up with some incentives to engage people. For example: if someone fills out the form with his answers you can give him the exclusive access to your product or service. We have done this with Polydust and so far it has been working really well. Plus, we made a secret forum on our website, where we provide the best customer support in the whole universe.

Tasks to do:

—Create a landing page.
—Describe your product with a benefit-focused language.
—Create a form with a couple of questions.
Set goals (for instance: I will gain 100 submitted forms in the first month).
—After that analyze everything from your customer’s perspective. I keep telling people that you shouldn’t make a product for yourself 😉.
Decide the direction you want to head.

Potential customers

Firstly, you should categorize your target group. In Polydust we identified 4 main groups: 3D modelers, Indie Game Developers, Designers and people who do not have any experience with 3D modeling, but they are likely to learn it quickly. After the deep analysis you can start your search! Beware, your target group might change during the initial results and talks with the people.

Where do we look for the people?

Facebook groups (Indie Developers, 3D Modeling etc)
Reddit  ask a question related to your product (but don’t post the direct link to it). Reddit gives you the possibility to write a private message, so keep talking to someone there.
Quora  you can answer someone’s question, and mention about your product at the end.
Twitter  (you can ask someone in a public tweet or via a direct message, but please don’t send 200 same tweets 😁).
Dribbble I made a list with 3D Artists, I found their portfolios and e-mail addresses. I wrote personal emails and asked them if they would like to join beta testing.
Paid ads we are going to use paid ads on Facebook, Google Adwords, Youtube LinkedIn (I will write a separate article about our results!).

How to measure the results

In our case it is simple! We measure everything by the number of filled out beta forms and beta users. In case you have a list with the potential customers (I made it based on the artists that I found on Dribbble) you can easily manage them with an epic tool called HubSpot. It’s a free CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to manage your contacts and leads. It will give you the exact insights if someone opens your emails, when exactly, or if they click the link. Such information will help you write better messages to the people you want to reach. Believe me, HubSpot is going to be your next best friend .

People love to be a part of something big

How would you feel if you could test iPhone or your favorite gadget for the very first time in the history? Think about the fact that you could be the first user, tester on this planet. Isn’t this a sufficient honor to feel pride and awesomeness? Do the same thing with your product!

Make people feel special, show that that their voices matter.
Give things for FREE. Piotr has created a free 3D modeling course on our Youtube channel. He is going to publish a new episode each Monday. Plus, we’ve just launched a free model pack with the most beautiful poly trees ever!
Share your inner-team values: the sentence, “Our mission is to ease the process of creating stunning models. We want to make the art creation more accessible and enjoyable.” sounds much better than neutral “Polydust— 3D modeling app”.
Give them something special. Each tester who joins our beta team will get a price discount after the Polydust release. Plus, the special thanks on our website.


I know that there is a conviction that you can’t build a startup or a business without a huge funding. This is totally not true!

People always say, “I don’t have enough time / money / people / experience” (please strike through your reason). Stop whining! Less is a good thing! Limited resources force you to think what you can do with what you’ve got. And that entails your creative thinking! I know what I’m talking about because I’m a living proof that it can be done 😌.

To sum up, I wish to give you some advice that you should do right now: go and create your own form that will answer a lot of questions you may have! Use TypeForm if you are just starting, it’s easy and fast. And If you will have any problems along the way, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m always happy to help! 😌 [email protected]

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