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Hey you! First of all, I just want to thank you for reading my last article that I originally published on Medium: “This is how I dropped out of university and started living my dream life”.

What happened after writing that article has exceeded my expectations… Let me tell you the whole story from the very beginning.

I always think that the best thing I’ve done in my whole life was my moving out from my parents’ house. At that time I was only eighteen so I was quite young. I was faced with the reality of what it is really like to be an adult. I had to learn how to be responsible for myself, moreover I had to learn how to make decisions (Ha! To think, I used to be the most undecided person on this planet).

Over two years ago I was lying on the roof of an abandoned building, watching the stars around me. I was crying, because my life had never been so fucked up…

I escaped from home, I didn’t have any money, I could not focus at school and I was about to fail my second year of high school. I had health problems, and I had been struggling with the first stage of depression. All while I was being forced to work to earn a living.

Why am I telling you this? Because everything started there on that roof. I told myself that I’m going to create something huge (I did not know what, but now I know it was Proud — my first app that I launched at the age of 19). I promised myself that I’m going to learn as much as I can to become a Marketing Wizard. I promised myself that I will publish articles in English about app marketing. I promised myself that I won’t listen to the people that pull me down. I told myself that I will come back here on that roof and I’m going to feel gratefulness… Gratefulness because I was sure enough that I will accomplish everything I craved.

Despite everything, there were three things that helped me survive that the hard times: that roof, my favourite books, and belief that everything’s gonna be alright, no matter what…

So, why this blog?

It’s my last goal from the list I made when I was 18. I’m going to write this blog with one intention: for all the people that helped me in the last years. All strangers, random people, and all my digital friends that I’ve never met in real-life, and yet they were and still are really supportive of me.

I believe in people, I believe in real relationships. That’s why I want to start this journey, I want to share with you my knowledge, ideas and passion to marketing.

What will you get?

I want to show you how to create magic around products, how to gain valuable connections. There’s a general belief that marketing is something expensive, difficult and not very effective. But I’ve learned on my own that there are simply and proven methods that help you create something valuable without spending millions of dollars on paid ads.

To conclude, I want to thank to all people that have read my article about my gap year. Over5000 people have seen it, which was pretty amazing result! Moreover:

— My article has been featured by the most famous marketer in Poland. Pawe? Tkaczyk has mentioned me on his blog here. (it’s in Polish but I highly recommend you to take a look at his blog in English version!)

— Because of that I got a proposal to write an article for one of the best Startup Magazines (based in Poland). My article about marketing will be published tomorrow on Thank you Adam for the possibility to make it happen.

For me, marketing is all about valuable people, so I’m open for your suggestions, ideas and insights if you may have any. I pay with a smile and a big hug!

PS. It’s only the first edition of this blog, I’m going to work on it all the time. In the next article I will add something special, that you probably have never seen on any other marketing blog before. Stay tuned!

With magic & love,

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