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Product marketing strategy is simply a process of effective activities and strategies to bring your product to the market. This includes working on product positioning, creating marketing communication that directly reaches out to customers’ awareness. Product marketing aims to help you generate leads and create demand for your product.

Product marketing strategy: how to get started?

There is a common belief that once the product is already available on the market, the magic starts. Unfortunately, this could have worked out 5-8 years ago, but now startup and product marketing have changed drastically. We all have to face new challenges and overcome them.

When I launched my first startup over 5 years ago, some of the organic marketing product strategies seemed to be easier to be successful. But let’s go through the product marketing ideas and steps to get most of it with your setup.

Product and market research

Do your homework and make a list of your potential competition. There is a possibility that someone comes up with an idea way faster than you did. But, hey – don’t worry! Still there is something to be improved! Focus on your unique selling points, add some creativity and mix it with good planning and effective product marketing strategies.

Product communication and story

A product story is one of these things that can be your absolute game changer. Especially in the startup and business world where every product and new business is usually boring. People don’t know how to tell good stories! 

The easiest way to start crafting good stories? Start from yourself. At Talebook I was responsible for product marketing and growing the personal brand of a CEO – Greg. Our main focus was simple – get some traction from social media to present a product dedicated to UX Designers. I told the story from the very beginning, this product has had a few critical development moments and I had to use it to show its potential and process of how it has grown along the way. 

Some of the post we’ve published!

Product marketing plan

Marketing strategy and plan are crucial to know where exactly you are going. Don’t overthink your marketing and digital strategies. If you want to test some ideas for your product marketing just simply choose 2-3 of them. Then focus on effective execution. Then analyze the results they bring you and if they meet your product marketing goals. 

⛳️ What I did for Talebook?

  • I created a small personal brand strategy and new communication, focused on organic activities on LinkedIn and Facebook (as we didn’t want to spend money on paid ads). I wanted to show off what Greg was working on, by telling stories about running a startup nowadays from a co-founder perspective. 
  • I asked Greg to take some new business photos so we can use them in communication. People want to see humans, not brands and products. 
  • I focused on bringing back engagement in Greg’s community, then started to be active on UX groups here on Linkedin and Facebook. 
These are my organic results. We paid $0 for ads.
🚀 Results in 6 weeks

I increased social media engagement by 5000% and attracted 6 000 new users to the website. As a result, we’ve got 1000 potential clients in 7 weeks who created an account.

Product focused content 

We’re all overwhelmed by the amount of content that is generated every single day. It’s getting harder to deeply engage people and make them interested in a product or service. What we’ve done is simply provide some of the UX design templates for free. That was our main trigger and product marketing activity that we wanted to test. These templates aim to help people do the research and go through the process more effectively. 

Product marketing assets:

  • Record quick videos and tutorials. Feel free to show off your face to make it more authentic. 
  • Create ready-made templates or resources that can provide value to others. First propose something, which may solve someone’s problem, then ask them to do something on their part. In our case we wanted to grow a potential customer base.

Product community management

Building a community is a long marathon, but in the long run your potential clients will sell your product on their own. There is no better thing than happy brand advocates. The new way of building a highly engaged community is co-creation, building relationships of trust, actively listening to someone’s needs and story. 

Think about the clear vision and goal, provide a value or something additional to show them that it’s worth being a part of this exclusive group. You can either start with Discord, Telegram, Facebook or Slack Group. If you have enough resources you can also invest in building a small forum on your website. The choice is yours and I bet it’s worth the effort. 

Product Marketing requires you to test and experiment with some activities. The more creative you are, the better results you can achieve. Think outside the box about these points and I guarantee you will succeed. Want more information on product marketing? Contact me anytime or schedule a free 20 min consultation.