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If you’ve just started working on your startup and are wondering about the next crucial steps toward its success, it’s a good idea to consider hiring startup marketing consultants. Instead of reinventing the wheel from the beginning, they can help you assess your business idea. Let them identify potential strategies for brand awareness and startup growth

What is startup marketing? 

Startup marketing is a set of strategies and activities designed to promote and create awareness of a new business, product, or service in its initial stages. The primary goal of startup marketing is to attract customers, generate interest, and establish a brand presence in a competitive market. 

I’m your marketing consultant for a startup! 

My name is Angélique and I’m happy to hop on a call and drink a virtual coffee to discuss some great marketing strategies for your startup. 

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After launching several startups and projects for myself and my clients. I went through all stages of building a prospering startup (usually with a $0 marketing budget). Hold your coffee… and see the magic in action. I’m into new technology, new solutions, SaaS (software as a service) mobile apps. 

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What does a marketing startup consultant can do for you?

Market Research

Before launching a startup, it’s crucial to conduct a market research. You definitely need to understand your target audience. Their needs, and the competitive landscape. This research forms the foundation for your marketing strategy.Branding: Developing a strong and memorable brand identity is essential. This includes creating a compelling logo, tagline, and visual design elements that reflect the values and mission of your startup.

Content Marketing

Creating and sharing valuable and relevant content through blog posts, social media, videos, and other mediums. Content marketing helps establish your startup as an authority in your industry and attracts organic traffic.

Read an example of a content marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Leveraging social media platforms to reach and engage with your target audience. Social media can be used for content promotion, customer interaction, and building a community around your brand.

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Email Marketing

Building an email list and sending targeted email campaigns to keep customers informed about your products, promotions, and company updates.

Public Relations (PR)

Building relationships with media outlets. Public relation in the early stage of startup is crucial. Make use of it.

Read a story about PR of the small, local key store.

Product Launch Events

Hosting launch events, webinars, or conferences to introduce your product or service to a broader audience.

Read an example of promoting webinars.

Guerrilla Marketing

Using unconventional and creative tactics to gain attention and create buzz around your startup. This can include stunts, viral marketing, or street-level promotions.


As your startup grows, you may need to adjust your marketing strategies and budgets! Reach a wider audience and expand your market presence.

Ready for a free startup marketing consultations?

Successful startup marketing consultant requires flexibility, adaptability, and a deep understanding of your target audience. It’s also important to refine your marketing efforts, based on the results you achieve. Find out the evolving needs of your business. Schedule a free startup marketing consultation and let’s see whether it’s a good business match!